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Alok Nath is so sanskari that he smokes agarbattis. Alok Nath has been in the Hindi cinema for a long time enjoying a respectable fatherly role. A lot of jokes and been churned out on his goodness and here’s some of the best of them., So enjoy Alok Nath Jokes.

The Alok Nath Constitution

The Alok Nath Constitution Alok Nath reads “All Indians are my brothers and sisters” as “All Indians are my Samdhans and Samdhis”. Indian Political Books […]

Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight Alok Nath believes in ‘Aashirwad at First Sight’ Love Gifts on Amazon

Alok Nath’s Salary

Alok Nath’s Salary Alok Nath has never received salary , he always receives pension. Retirement Gifts on Amazon

Alok Nath’s School Days

Alok Nath’s School Days “In school days, Alok Nath bunked a lecture to attend his daughter’s wedding. School Stationary on Amazon

Alok Nath’s Biodata

Alok Nath’s CV Alok Nath CV Reads as: Degree- MBA in Kanyadaan Skills- Sanskaar Experience- 10022848 Kanyadaans done Hobby- Giving Ashirwads! Marriage Gifts on Amazon

Alok Nath’s Family Connection

Alok Nath’s Family Connection The only two wars Alok Nath has seen in his life.- Haridwar and Pariwar Family Gifts on Amazon

Alok Nath’s Birth

Alok Nath’s Birth When Alok Nath was born; Doctor Said, “Badhai ho, Babuji huay hain Baby Gifts on Amazon

Alok Nath’s Herbal Medicine

Alok Nath’s Herbal Medicine Alok Nath goes to a medical store to buy condom. Salesman : Which flavor? Alok : Haldi Chandan Herbal Medicines on […]