Celebrity Jokes

Celebrity Jokes

Get a host of tickles from jokes on various celebrities like Rajnikanth, Chuck Norris, Ramesh Suresh, Alok Nath and a host of others. We will keep on updating and keep you hooked up. So keep enjoying the best of Celebrity Jokes!

Alok Nath’s Birth

Alok Nath’s Birth When Alok Nath was born; Doctor Said, “Badhai ho, Babuji huay hain Baby Gifts on Amazon

Alok Nath’s Herbal Medicine

Alok Nath’s Herbal Medicine Alok Nath goes to a medical store to buy condom. Salesman : Which flavor? Alok : Haldi Chandan Herbal Medicines on […]

Alok Nath’s Bahu

Alok Nath’s Bahu Bahu : I am going to supermarket Aloknath: Take my sanskaar Bahu: Ab baas bhi karo Aloknath: Arre I mean my son’s […]