Rajnikant Jokes

Rajnikant Jokes

Just like Chuck Norris in the West, Rajnikanth’s glamour and achievements are spoken all over India. We have some famous lines from Rajnikant Jokes here.

Anaconda was not a real Snake.
The whole Flim was shot inside,┬áRajnikant’s UnderWear…..

Geometry and Rajnikanth

Geometry and Rajnikanth Rajnikanth can draw a straight line with a compass! Stationary Gifts on Amazon

Rajnikath and God

Rajnikath and God! Parvati: Prabhu aapka trishul kaha gaya ? Shankar Bhagwan: RAJNIKANT le gaya. Parvati : kyun ? Shankar Bhagwan: “MAGGI” khane ! God […]

Rajnikanth And Anaconda

Rajnikanth And Anaconda Anaconda was not a real Snake. The whole Film was shot inside,┬áRajnikant’s UnderWear…..   Rajnikanth on Amazon