Chartered Accountant Jokes

Chartered Accountant Jokes

Accountants are witty guys. They examine numbers, accounts, budgets and redefine every thing in a chronological system. Whatever the situation with numbers and their related accounts they always want to be in a win-win situation. Banner in front of the *Institute of Chartered Accountants* of India “Drive slowly, don’t kill our students…. . leave that to us….” So here’s Chartered Accountant Jokes for you.

Chartered Accountant’s Abuses

Chartered Accountant’s Abuses CA gaali de to kya dega? Saale bounced cheque, Dharti pe liability, Paidaishi bad debts, Dishonored bill, Insolvent aadmi, Itna marunga ki […]

Definition of Auditor

Definition of Auditor AUDITOR A – accounting and others U – underlying D – data and I – information T – to give an O […]

Life Status Of A Chartered Accountant

Life Status Of A Chartered Accountant Are you- Emotionally Numb? Romantically Starved? Creatively Challenged? Artistically Void? Socially Outcast? Congratulations….. You are a Chartered Accountant Student!! […]

Options in Life!

Options in Life! We had many options to end our life Poison, Sleeping pills, Hanging, Jump from building, Sleep under a train.. But we choose […]