Technical Jokes

Technical Jokes

Enjoy the best and most refreshing Technical Jokes in English on the net. You will just love the Technical flavored jokes.

Scientific Movie Dialogue!

Scientific Movie Dialogue! Electron to neutron : mere pass charge hai , spin hai, magnetic field hai, reactivity hai … Tumhare pass kya hai Neutron […]

What is a Fruition Formula!

What is a fruition formula! What do you get after reaction of two sodium atoms with a Barium atom? BaNaNa Science Books on Amazon

Story of Atom’s Election

Story of Atom’s Election Atom 1: I just lost an electron. Atom 2: How do you feel? Atom 1: Positive Physics Books on Amazon

Oxygen Dates Magnesium

Oxygen Dates Magnesium Did you hear oxygen and magnesium dating together? OMg!! Laboratory Chemicals on Amazon