Bengali Jokes

Bengali Jokes

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Did You Get Your Inheritance This Way?

এক বৃদ্ধ হসপিটালে তার শেষ নিশ্বাস নিচ্ছিল৷ বেডের পাশে একজন নার্স, তার স্ত্রী, দুই ছেলে ও এক মেয়ে ছিল৷ বৃদ্ধ বড় ছেলেকে বলল –   […]

Bengali Recites An English Poem

Bengali recites an English Poem Bengali’s are one of most involved people in literature and quite intelligent. Yet at times then tend to speak broken […]

Bengali in Heaven

A Bengali in Heaven A Bengali dies. In Heaven he sees a Large Wall full of Clocks. He asks the Angel:”What are these for?” Angel […]

Ghalib’s Shayari in Bengali

Ghalib’s Shayari in Bengali Once, a Bengali Babu went to Ghalib to learn Shayari.. The Ghalib Sahib asked the Bengali babu to repeat after him: “Na […]

Bongs In An Aeroplane

Bongs in an Aeroplane! Why they hesitate to serve alcohol for Bongs in-flight? In an Aeroplane, after a series of 4-5 heavy drinks: British  : […]