Regional Jokes

Regional Jokes from different regions of the world

Jokes come in different languages, but the common property of each of these is that they make you laugh. These regional jokes are not to demean the people living in any one region, but are just to make you laugh and smile. These jokes have been created due to the accent of people living in those areas. So enjoy every bit of these regional jokes.

Punjabi Woman in London

Punjabi Woman in London A Punjabi woman in London talking in English to a Doctor about her sick child …. My kaka is ill ek week […]

Punjabi Tadka

Punjabi Tadka Last night, I went to a party hosted by my rich Punjabi friend…. On arrival, he greeted me with his pretty wife and […]

The Cost of a Buffalo

The Cost of a Buffalo ग्राहक : थारी भैंस की एक आंख तो खराब स,  फेर भी तू इसके 25 हज़ार रुपिये मांगन लाग्र्या स । हरियाणवी […]

Haryanvi And His Mobile

Haryanvi and his Mobile Haryanvi called his mobile service customer care: “Re maari bhains ne Sim khaa li aur bhaag gi…” Customer Care Executive (irritated):  […]