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Honey Pleads With Akbar!

Honey Pleads with Akbar! Honey caught by Mughal army & they took him to their king Akbar Akbar : Isko bandi bana diya jaay !! […]

Self Confidence At Its Peak!

Self Confidence at its Peak! Honey at the Bank : “My Cheque was returned with remark ‘Insufficient funds’. I wanna know whether it refers to […]

CAT Exam Question

C.A.T Exam Question Spell the word “COW” in 13 letters. Scientists got mad calculating it.. Even Professors couldn’t answer.. Lecturers said that it’s a wrong […]

How Did Honey Kickstart?

How did Honey kickstart? Ek admi khade-khade chaabi se apna kaan khujla raha tha. Honey use gaur se dekhte hue bola- Bhaisahab, aap start nahi ho rahe […]