Learn to do an Aerial Dance Performance in the Sky!

Imagine 500 people swinging in the air to create the world’s best aerial dance performance!

An aerial dance performance with people or playing around with magnets? Is this a joke? You must have seen neodymium magnets balls which stick together the way you want. Turn them left, right center, upside down and or any other ways and they continue to stick together. These balls are so fluid and so strongly connected that you cannot think about distancing them form each other.

Imagine the same by replacing neodymium magnets with people and throwing them in the sky.

This was 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic, when 500 people got together and danced in the sky to create various forms of designs which I have seen only when I was playing with neodymium magnets. Each form was so fluid that it seemed as though a lot of joints were magnetically integrating and disintegrating to create a new forms every time.

You would have never seen such a beautiful aerial dance performance as this one being done so perfectly.

Credit: 邹景星

What’s in it for us?

The grit and the power of the whole act teaches us to be together as a team to give out our best. This act teaches us that anything can be done if we practice anything very well. This act teaches us that we can make ourselves fly if we join hands. Hence it is important that timing, practice and coordination become our core competences which can help us achieving the meanest of the performances.

So instead of fighting among us and destroying ourselves, we should look at combining our synergies and working towards a constructive environment.

Till we meet again, be happy and look at utilizing your inner strengths to its fullest advantage. Be true to yourself and keep enjoying.

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