Are Made in China Products the Best?

The Chinese had to finally face his own “Made in China” product!

Once a Chinese man came to Goa for holidays. On the airport he sees a taxi. He enters the taxi and tells the driver to take him to Panjim and they proceed towards Panjim.

On the way the Chinese guy sees a *Kadamba* bus… He says *”what is this? The buses here are so slow n noisy… In China the buses are very fast”*

The driver just kept quiet n kept driving.

Then they reach Cortalim bridge.
The Chinese guy sees a train passing by on the railway bridge the other side…he says *”what is this?? The trains here are so slow… In China the trains are very fast”*
The driver again stays silent and keeps driving

Finally they reach Panjim. The Chinese man gets off the taxi and asks the driver how much money he has to pay him…

Driver: Rs.5000

Chinese man: 5000?? Are you kidding me?? Your Goan busses are so slow…the trains are so slow…above evrything you drive so slow…if everything else here is so slow then how come the meter of your taxi is so fast??

Driver: B’coz that meter is made in China

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