How have Babies Learn’ t the Art of Survival?

Babies learn art of survival when they learn swimming

Are you aware of the art of survival? Can you imagine what would happen if babies are taken for a swim in the swimming pool?

This is a dangerous thought for all of us who are used to protect our babies so much. We all fear even when our babies are being given a bath in a tub filled with warm water. It is the fear of drowning and the fear that the babies do not know anything about survival that keeps us off the track when ever anyone suggests a training for our toddler kids.

This is the beautiful journey of the babies into the swimming pool with their trainers and parents. The babies teach us about the notion of fear and how we can overcome that. Look at these tiny ones take the plunge and yet keep smiling. Look at them swim through the waters without any hindrance. Of course, the trainers are there to see that there is no mishap, but these trainers just help them learn the natural way of swimming which in some ways is also inborn.

Let’s learn how to take life’s challenges from these lovely children and the way nature has taught them to overcome obstacles.

Credit: lenoarmi

How can learning this art of survival help you?

The fear of the unknown lurks among every one of us and as we grow up it gets worse. These babies are not yet subjected to external intelligence and therefore are not aware of the fear of water. Thus they do whatever naturally comes to them. They survive. Our inner instincts teach us that there is nothing to fear and we should listen to it just as the babies do and learn the art of survival in the worst of circumstances which in their case is swimming in the swimming pool.

So till next time, help yourself over overcome your inner fears…

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