Balancing Act on Drums Has Never Been Better

Balancing act on drums has never been better!

When we see nature in the above picture, we see a great balancing act which has been reproduced naturally. 5 stones of different sizes and shapes standing tall one on top of the other in serene water without a thing to shake them.

But while nature balances itself on its rugged terrain, man still has a lot to learn and still struggles to balance himself on smooth surfaces. Here’s presenting someone who has attained perfection in balancing on smooth drums.

At every moment, I was like, Oh! My God! This person is relentless. At every stage, he just makes his task so much more difficult. But the focus and grit he has is amazing to make such a performance a truly memorable one. He places one drum, then another and then yet another on top and while the three of them roll on, he is actually performing his act on them. Voila! This is truly amazing.

Credit: vish all

He could have slipped, but he did the whole act superbly!
Wow…I am still breathless!! This was just amazing!

Can this balancing act be applied in our daily lives?

When we put our focus onto something we really believe in, we can produce performances in our lives in tune with what this guy could just did. Anything from studies to work turns out to be gold when the right kind of focus is applied to it. Focus when coupled with courage can really produce some outstanding stuff. Our job is to keep the balancing act alive in our lives and leave the rest on nature to fix the jigsaw puzzle. Once jigsaw puzzle is put in place with each piece rightfully in its place, the starry sparks of success will follow your path. But the keywords to put it together here, are focus and courage .

So without thinking any further just jot down what you need to balance in your life and apply all your focus and courage to it for achieving it.

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