Best Way to Tie a Shoelace in 2 Seconds

You might have known to tie a shoelace, but never this way in 2 seconds!

We have all tried to tie a shoelace at some point or the other. From childhood we all learn to tie a shoelace. It’s an ordeal to learn it at first and then we to ultimately find out it surely isn’t the best and quickest way that it’s tied and suppose after all these years someone did tell you there was a better way to do it, it would kill you, isn’t it? I have seen my 7 year old daughter try it again and again and even after I have myself shown it to her numerous times, she takes time in tying it up. Once in a while she forgets the process as well. When we have now grown up doing that, we feel that we have learnt it the right way, but alas!

Well here’s a sure shot method of learning up a very easy and quick way to tie a shoelace. You will never regret learning it.

Now that you have learnt to tie a shoelace in 2 seconds, it’s time to share it with your friends. It’s one of the things that we all need to learn and practice.

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