This is What Happened to Bunny’s Chicken Masala?

Chicken Masala

Bunny And Chicken Masala

Angrezo ka ek month ka festival chal raha tha jisme woh non-veg nahi khate. Unke mohalle me Bunny rahta tha jo daily Chicken banakar khata tha.
Chicken ki khushboo se preshan hokar Angrezo ne Pope se shikayat ki.
Pope ne us Bunny se kaha tum ”Christian” dharam swikaar kar lo. Woh Bunny maan gaya.
To Pope ne Bunny par Holy water chhidakte huye kaha “You born as a “Sikh”, raised as a “Sikh”, but now you are a”Christian”.

Next day fir Bunny ke ghar se Chicken ki khushboo aayi to sab angrez uske ghar gye to dekha Bunny Chicken par Holy Water chhidak raha tha aur kah raha tha, “You born as “Chicken”, raised as a “chicken” but now you are ..”Potato”.Christian shocked Bunny rocked!!

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