Can Permanent Disability Affect Your Work Style?

What would you do if you had to work without hands or legs? This person with permanent disability inspires me to work and work harder!

There are different kinds of people out there in the world. While most of them have the ability to walk, play and work, there are few who can’t do this. Permanently disability has affected them in some form or the other. Some would not have hands, some will be without legs, some would be deaf, some blind or some mute. But in all these cases there is one who stands out. He is Chris, who does not have either hands nor legs from his birth, but still has the vision to remain happy and work hard. With all his disability he works on his farm, plays golf and skates, writes and eats without any of his limbs. It’s a great story of how a disabled person has brought himself up to be an ABLE person.

Credit: OWN TV

Chris treats his permanent disability as a boon and so can all the people who are handicapped in any form. I know YOU CAN DO IT! It only requires a special conditioning of the brain and you can too DO IT. Chris has been an inspiration to a lot of people and he will continue to be so. Just get your courage together and help yourself achieve success even if you have to work without hands or legs.

We salute Chris for his inspiring story and providing proof that nothing is impossible.

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