What Happens When the Cheetah Chases a Bear Cub?

This bear cub had the time of his life!

It is sometimes just God send. When a stronger animal chases a weaker one in the wild, it is just a matter of luck that one can escape such an attack.

This story of a baby Bear cub being chased by a grown up Cheetah is just that. The Cheetah was on the lookout for food when it spots the Bear cub. Slowly and stealthily it approaches the bear cub. When the Bear cub senses the attack, it is too late, but then what happens is too thrilling to be missed. Sometimes sheer luck and sometimes a little brain along with it, can surely save you. Watch this amazing story on how a Cheetah chases a Bear cub and learn why families are so important in our everyday life.


Credit: Jackey Niraula

This story is important in our everyday lives as we understand how our families are always standing behind us and would be ever willing to help us in times of need. How the mother of the Bear cub saves it’s child from the Cheetah, is very important in our lives. We might be wanting to live life alone, but it is only our families which come to our rescue in times of need. No matter how much you you want to avoid your parents, they will always be there for you whenever required.

It is also important that while young we want to explore life and while doing so we go astray. We should move ahead in life, but we should observe and learn from our elders what they have experienced as the knowledge might come to relevance when required.

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