Close Encounter with Nature Nanotechnology

Close encounter with nature nanotechnology

Every drop or movement on earth could be an eye opener for you and each one of them would surely be a part of nature nanotechnology, which we can never think about duplicating. If you have seen rain you have not seen its drops. If you have seen a lizard, you have not seen its reflexive movement. Then again, if you have seen a frog, you have not seen its webbed fingers. If you have seen a fish you have not seen its electric ray. If you have seen a flower you have not seen its blooming. Again, if you have seen a butterfly, you have not seen its flight. You have to imagine to see nature’s magic so closely. Have you seen a caterpillar as closely as this and imagined such wonderful colors on it?

Enchanting earth has so many secrets hidden in its stomach that it is hard to imagine what surprise its going to spring at you in the next moment.

Here a toast of few of the loveliest moments that you can imagine earth to show you. Once you see it and go around earth you will want to watch nature in its true form. You will stop by nature and would like to see its beauty unfold before you in a lot more forms than you have seen here.

Credit: IFSVND

What does nature teach us?

Let us help preserve the true form of nature. Let us help in preserving the lovely colors of nature. Also, let us view nature nanotechnology more closely so that we can appreciate what it has given to us. If we do not do it today, there are two things which can happen. Either, the future generations will not see what nature has given to us or they will not live at all to see these fine creations.

Finally, what we are looking at creating, is already created and we are not doing anything new.  Probably God has already gone through the phases that we are going through today and has perfected what we are aiming to achieve. So let’s pledge not to destroy it.

Here’s how nanotechnology in the actual world works!!

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