Can You Use Colorful Sweet Corn Cobs for Decoration?

These colorful sweet corn cobs are much more beautiful than pearls

You have eaten yellow corns, soft corns, hard corns, american corns and many others. But, colorful corn cobs!

You have never seen or eaten corns like this before. Beautiful, vibrant and fresh. These colorful sweet corn cobs could help you change the way you arrange just fresh, dried or artificial flowers to decorate your bouquet or in your corn salads or any other thing you can think about Also, when you eat them you could feel as though you are gulping down real colorful pearls.

We are now looking at the wonders of nature earth and how man has changed it to suit it’s palate. We have the Indian corns and the American corns. Have you thought about Glass Gem Corns, gleaming its glassy shine all around you. These corns are man made. Yet, they have the brilliance of the beautiful gems and pearls that we all know. See how these corns are created to experience its true identity. Have a look at it to enjoy the various colors in which to find them.

Credit: Jane Gates

Just look at the different shades of the corn, shining bright to entice everyone. These colorful sweet corn cobs are simply awesome.

Credit: The Living Seed Company

The best part is that, you can grow these corns right in your backyard. It just requires some slight modifications to the way you have been growing corn all along. So why not start growing them today and use them in a variety of ways which could baffle all your friends.

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