Didn’t Know You Could Do Lovely Experiments With Eggs

You could do so many experiments with eggs

These are some super experiments with eggs!

These eggs can really help you learn different tricks. From bottled eggs to egg shells to scrambled eggs, learn different ways to work around these eggs. You can suck the egg yolk literally out of its white, you can blow the soft boiled egg outside its shell with a strong wind push from your mouth, squeeze the boiled egg into a glass bottle, make the egg bounce and many more such things which you have never imagined before. These experiments come out of the science box and can help you produce small classroom experiments which can just amaze your fellow students or teachers also. Experiments with eggs can really help you learn a lot of science and are a sure fire way to show everyone that you can conduct experiments with everyday household food stuff.

I will leave you to see the experiments with eggs yourself and judge which ones are good and interesting for you.

Credit: Taras Kul

So if you have learnt a few of them, its time that you tried them out and created some new ones yourself. There is one teacher teaching you the egg tricks and you all can become another one with newer tricks down your sleeve.

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