Diwali Fun Ideas Which Can Bring in the Right Sparks!

Diwali Fun Ideas!

Diwali on 27th of October is round the corner. Diwali is an event with a whole lot of lights, crackling crackers and a fun event where all friends and relatives get together after their prayers to the Goddess of Wealth- Laxmi and Lord Ganesha. Every moment brings with it a sense of brightness in our lives.What best way to celebrate than to celebrate with Diwali.

Got some ideas in hand for this Diwali. Well here’s some lovely ones:

With Diwali comes a handful of articles in hand like the Diyas (earthen lamps), the fire crackers, Goddess Laxmi, Rangoli and wonderful mouth watering sweets. So here’s what you can do with Diwali.

Diwali Decoration

Make a beautiful Rangoli or design with colors. You may use colored saw dust or colored chalk powder or better still some paint. Draw a large beautiful design at the entrance of the house and then color it with any of the above stuff.

Light up Diyas (earthen lamps) at the entrance of the house in long lines. You can lighten up your windows with Diyas as well. If you don’t wanna work hard at these you can simply put up strings of wires tied up with colored bulbs on your windows or at the entrance.

Floating candles look very nice on small glass or crystal bowls with a few rose petals strewn on it. Try it and you will enjoy its lovely look in a dark room.

Diwali Games

Normally Diwali nights are full of card games and people betting on it. Why not try something different.

Get into a Diya lighting competition. Diyas have to filled up with oil and lit up. The person who can do the maximum in 5 minutes wins the game.

Get all your friends and relatives together. Ask them to get all the crackers that they have bought to the place where you have invited them. All will burst their own crackers and the ones who can brighten up the whole atmosphere with the minimum noise wins the game.

Since this an event where people gather and make merry, you can ask all to join in to play single Antakshari (a musical event with the base as songs) instead of singing in groups. All will be required to sing two lines of any Hindi or English Film songs and the person who stays till the last wins the game. There obviously should be no repetition of the song.

Diwali Fun Ideas

You can ask kids in your house to paint the Diyas (earthen lamps) with paint before lighting them up.

Ask Kids to write up small Diwali messages on beautifully cut paper and hang them at different places in your house and outside so that people can appreciate what you have done.

Ask all who come by to your house to ring a bell before entering your house and to write a small note of appreciation on large poster that you have put outside your house mentioning Diwali Graphiti.

Make a few Diwali Cards with handmade paper and send them to all your friends. Decorate the cards with paper cut out of Diyas, pencil colored lights and a big Diwali Greeting. This will be fun and everyone who gets it will like and appreciate it.

Diwali Fun at Office

There are many housewives or NGO’s who sell Diwali cards,diyas and other decorations. Ask them to come to your organization and put up a Diwali sale. It will be a good cause.

You could also decorate the office or reception for Diwali with rangoli.

Have a traditional dress day one day prior to Diwali and give the best dressed an award.

Distribute sweets in office, do a Puja.

For Dushera you can ask the employees to make Raavan and then burn them one day prior to it.

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