Know the Electric Man in Comics. Here’s The Real One!

Here’s the real electric man!

When we were young and saw electric plug points, our small crafty minds would always look at these points as a challenge which only elders were supposed to touch and feel. But somehow our young minds would do something to get close to it and the unlucky few would get the shock of their life. Coupled with that, comics of the electric man was fascinating enough to give us strength to think that we could also become a look alike of the electric man and aping him would give us our special powers as well.

But, when I found about this guy, I just couldn’t resist myself from telling everybody about him. This is the superhuman guy who can consume electricity like water! He is our Electric Man!

This is a story of a man from Kollam, India who can withstand huge amounts of electric currents. Considering that 500 people die due to electricity currents alone in the U.S., it is impossible to believe how Raj Mohan Nair can do it without a hitch. He can become a virtual conductor just like electric transmission poles sending huge power volts right through him. Watch this amazing super human capability of this rare man. Watch him do it right here.


A lesson to learn!

Well, even after you have seen the above video, do not try to perform any of the acts that he does. You will get the shock of your life, if you do. It is literally dangerous and many have got themselves burnt grievously in the act. Raj Mohan Nair’s body is built to take in these dangerous shocks and only he can do it with any guards.

But, in this story there is a lesson to learn. Do not under-estimate yourself. Everyone has some or the other special super powers inside them waiting to be explored. You need to look into ourselves to identify these hidden powers, which can catapult you forward into doing some good for the society at large. So just introspect and find your latent talents and you never know that could be the turning point of your life.

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