Dog Costume That Can Make You Run

Fearsome Dog Costume That Can Make You Run

Fearsome dog costume which can make you run

I could have never imagined a spider dog so fierce, let alone it ever existed! This giant spider dog can leave a large sting on your face and yet make you laugh. This is what it looks like.

This spider dog can really make you win the world marathon. In the dark alleys were it resides, no one dares to visit. Even his master is terrified of him. Its tentacles can be really dangerous and when this giant spider comes over it it can be really dangerous. Just imagine if it come in front of you suddenly in the dark. First of all, watch this master blaster spider on the chase as only then will you understand its true fear.

Credit: SA Wardega

This dog costume is just an example of how you can be fooled by fear of the unknown. Therefore, just don’t be wary of the unknown.

Hence, what should you fear?

Let there be no fear in your heads. Fear is an inborn factor and it expands every time we think that fear will over power us. Watch a new born child and it will cling on to its mother only. Other people will only figure in its list once it starts recognizing them. Likewise, any fear can be overcome with  common sense and most of the times it is just a farce. But one should handle fear very carefully as it can destroy your motivation and strength to do anything.

In conclusion, do not believe in any and everything that a person says as everything seen and heard is not true.

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