These Flying Cards Can Become Flying Daggers!

Use playing cards to be like flying daggers

We have taken inspiration from the below video to create the one minute game of bananas and cards and you can too do the same. These playing cards can act like flying daggers to create an interesting game.

Make a stand for putting in 5 bananas as shown in the video or you may make your own. The bananas should be peeled halfway through as shown in the video and made to stand vertically. Once this is done, you are set to start your game. Get a pack of quality playing cards (could be paper of plastic, but preferably plastic). Make person stand 5 feet away from this stand and give him 10 cards. The person has to throw the cards in a fashion that it strikes the banana or cut in two . The points can be given in this way:
1. Card hits the banana – 1 point
2. Card gets stuck on the banana – 2 points
3. Card cuts the banana – 5 points.
4. Card which does not hit any of the bananas – 0 points

The person with the highest points to score in a minute wins the prize.

Credit: ALex Hammel

So why wait! If you throwing a party and getting your friends to play a game, then this new game will thrill them. Get, Set, Go with the flying cards which can convert into flying daggers.

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