Food Lover Bengali’s Can Eat Anything!

This is how food lover Bengali’s can eat just about anything!

Bongs are quintessential food lovers that no one can deny. Their day starts and ends with food, and their bong origin is only to be blamed for that!

Amra Shorbobhukh (We eat everything)

Amra Jol Khai (We eat water)
Abar amra Hawa o khai (We eat air!)
Amra Cigarette khai (We eat Cigarette)
Abar amra Mod o khai (We eat Alcoholic drinks!)

Amra Lyadh Khai (We “eat” Laziness, or rather laziness eats us!)
Amra Himshim Khai (how do I translate this one! this is what we say when we are going crazy with multiple things that is beyond our capacity to handle)
Abar amra Khaabi o Khai (God help me now…this is when we are in the water and unable to swim!)

Amra Loker Matha Khai (We eat others’ head!)
Amra Bhimri Khai (Ok, this means we are suffering from epilepsy…now can you beat that?!)
Amra Case o khai (Sorry, can’t translate this one)
Amra Baansh o khai (Beyond translation)
Amra Palti khai (When we change sides)
Amra bishom o khai (hiccups)

So you see, its no wonder that majority of Bongs have protruding bellies. After all, they eat so many things that cannot be digested at all! It’s a food lover season after all.

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