Future Machines and the Case of Global Warming!

Future Lumberjack Machines and the Case of Global Warming!

While CO2 emissions are the major cause of Global Warming, these machines are definitely aiding the menace!

It is known fact, that global warming is due to uncontrolled CO2 emissions. While CO2 is a major factor, we all know that trees are humans best friends, to consume such enormous amounts of CO2 and help the atmosphere. At one point we are creating industries which emit these harmful gases and at another point we destroy the very basics of controlling this menace.

While we have all heard about lumberjacks helping in cutting the trees of the so called forests, the recent innovations of these machines is mind boggling.

Man started off with axes to chop trees, then got hacksaws to cut them at faster speeds. But there is nothing like this yet. This machine looks like a walking monster. It can clearly hold the tree, cut the tree from the bottom, hold the tree, slice the branches and leaves and then cut the tree into equidistant logs, all at the same. What else would man want. Watch these machines walk on land like robots chopping off trees. Watch how man is using the machines to clear all the jungles that planet earth has developed over years. These machines are incredible.

These amazing giant tree cutting monsters can cut the jungles in minutes!

Credit: jalowalia244

A machine to scoop trees for relocation!

Old fairy tales had it, that there were giants among us who could just uproot a tree and throw it somewhere else. Well, here’s a major innovation by man in the form of machines which can do the same work much more easily. Well, this machine can literally scoop the trees with all it’s roots and carry it to another location for replanting. Man has made it possible to relocate trees rather than just cut them out. Gain some knowledge here, on how they do it.

Credit: Nafees Kasimi

Could have never guessed how they can trim trees from the skies till I saw this!

Huge tree trimming has never been easier. This is a giant tree trimmer with huge circular spikes and it operates right from the skies. It’s used to trim the out grown branches of giant trees. Look at how a copter used this machine to chop the branches.

Credit: JCPowerBoard

When we look at these innovations by humans, we are simply awed by its magnitude. When used productively, these machines can be of great worth. But man is known to use useful stuff created for its benefits, for the purpose of destruction and then call this as something for the betterment of human living. Humans cannot live better by making use of material improvement. They need to have the forces of nature working with them to keep it surviving and that can only happen when they are able to respect nature. While these machines are destroying earth and its biosphere, let us all come forward and keep planting the trees so that the natural atmospheric imbalance is not lost. Global warming is just a word, but requires a lot of effort on our part to keep it at bay.

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