The Goa Holiday Costed the Chinese Dearly!

Chinese on a Goa Holiday

Once a Chinese man came to Goa for holidays.

At Airport he hired a taxi to take him to Panjim.

On the way he sees a bus. He said – “The buses here are so slow and noisy .. In China the buses are very fast.”

At Cortalim Bridge, the Chinese sees a train passing by on the railway bridge the other side…… he says – “The trains here are so slow….. in China the trains are very fast.”

All the way driver kept silent and drove to Panjim.

Chinese man gets off the taxi and asked for meter readings.

Driver – “5000.”

Chinese – “5000? Are you kidding? Your buses are so slow, the trains are so slow… if everything else here is so slow then how come the meter of your taxi is so fast?”

Driver – “Because the meter is made in China.”

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