Japanese Versus Gujarati in a Soap Manufacturing Company

Japanese versus Gujarati in a soap manufacturing company

In a soap manufacturing company in Japan, soap blocks were made, then wrapped in wrapping paper automatically on an assembly conveyor belt and finally packed in cartons.

Many times it happened that the wrapping machine did not wrap the soap and the wrapping paper was left as it is. i.e. you had an empty packet without soap.

To rectify this problem the Japanese company bought a x-ray scanner from the US for $60,000/-. This was to keep a check on the  assembly line whether the container contained soap and wasn’t empty.

A similar problem happened at Nirma soaps, in Gujarat.. Guess what the Gujjus did????

They bought a Bajaj fan costing around Rs.1500/- and placed it on the edge of the assembly line. This way the empty wrappers without soaps just blew away!!!

And You Say Japanese are Advanced in Technology…

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