Happy Teachers Day to Every Teacher Out There

Did you ever think about remembering your teachers? Don’t forget them this Happy Teachers Day.

Teachers are our friends and guides. They have taught us not just to make us understand, but they have taught us to remember their teachings. They teach us in different ways – sometimes jokingly, sometimes mockingly and sometimes angrily and at times they teach us in a fun way. Yet we despise them many times as we only remember the days when they have scolded us. We forget to wish them, respect them even though they have shown us the path to light. We have all learnt our lessons with their help and grown up. It’s time to remember their work, their guidance and their friendship.

This is an endeavor to give them their due respect. Watch a simple reason why we should respect them. This will certainly relive the moments that you might have gone through with your teachers during your school days.

Credit: INTI International University & Colleges


You educate as well as encourage.

You inform as well as inform.

You open our minds as well as years.

You have touched our lives.

They were the best guides! It’s the Joy of Learning.

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