An Impossibly Simple Rubik Cube Levitation

This small trick would help you do the impossible Rubik cube levitation!

It’s a great start to a magic show and you are required to show the audience that you can levitate an article. You come across a Rubik’s cube and tell the audience you can show them a lovely levitation trick by which they can surprise anyone. You pick up a pencil and start drawing the shape. Then you pick up different colors and color all the parts. After sometime the audience is zapped, the Rubik’s cube is actually levitating in thin air.

If you could just pick up a pencil and draw this you could levitate a Rubik cube! Wanna learn this lovely trick, just have a look. What a great way to Rubik cube levitation trick! Watch the video below to learn how to do it.

Credit: VamosART

If you can get a Rubik cube to levitate, then imagine what you could do with a whole lot of other things. This just shows us that an illusion can be created by drawing anything in 3D and anybody can be fooled by it. But 3D drawing is an art in itself and requires special practice and vision to accomplish something really unique. When we see such drawings, it looks so simple, but when we actually move forward to draw it, we understand what goes into its creation. Go try it yourself.

How is our life related with this?

Thus, in life also, we can also get fooled in a lot of ways. People are out there to cheat us at every instance. But if we can keep all our senses and guards on high alert, we can surely avert the creative illusions which they create in order to divert our attention, fool and cheat us. So do not get trapped under illusions in life, but do anything and everything which is truly worth it.

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