The Most Interesting Bread Recipe I have Encountered!

Never Knew Bread Recipe could be molded into something so interesting!

Ever wondered what you could do with bread. You must have heard about plain bread, milk bread, wheat bread ginger bread and lot of bread based breakfast recipes. But every time you look at bread it is either white, yellowish or brownish in color. Ever thought of creating a more interesting type of bread which tastes awesome as well as is great in looks.

Sometimes breakfast needs be more than just interesting. So how about raisin bread that looks like a watermelon when sliced?

There are umpteen number of methods to make bread. This method is so simple yet so amazing. With a little innovation you can create a bread which looks very much like a watermelon. Let this be a part of your breakfast table when your guests pour in and surprise them with this lovely and amazing little creation. Let them say WOW! Watch it in the video below.

Credit: yoyomax12

Isn’t this more than a designer bread? Wouldn’t you like to make something as awesome as this one for your party? You could use this at an Easter Party, Christmas party, New Year Party or any other gathering where you and your friends meet up. Don’t just make it, do share this with your friends also.

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