Japanese Art of Balancing a Feather on Leaf Stems

Japanese art of balancing a feather on leaf stems!

When I started watching this man do the Japanese art of balancing the feather, it sounded so simple. But the ending just knocked me out! I was like “How can anyone do this?”

This is from a  show in Japan, called “KAMIWAZA ~ God Yun 2013 “. Can 13 leaf stems can safely ride together ? Maybe we have not penetrated this one secret, but I was just shocked to see this magical picture.

Here’s a person who just drinks precision. He not just drinks it, he literally bathes in it. I have not seen anyone perform a more precisely coordinated task which is so mind boggling. The audience have to very quiet during this performance and the surrounding are so quiet that they can even hear the players breathing clearly.

Watch the japanese art of balancing. Watch him balance the feather on 13 large leaf stems one by one standing and holding on to each of the stems in such a superb fashion. This Japanese art can outperform even the best of perfectionists.


Credit: allgoalsinHiDef

So what’s in this Japanese art for you?

This man teaches us the meaning of focus, concentration and balance. These are three important aspects of gaining control over self. If you can take control of these three factors, you will automatically gain charge over self, that everyone craves for, but few achieve. If you can adopt these principles in your life, you can achieve the impossible. These will help you in everyday tasks as well as specialized tasks. You will be able to please everyone and be a happy person.

I am not asking you to try the stunt which this person is doing, but you can do it with any other thing which comes your way, including spoons, forks, tooth picks, badminton rackets or any other object that comes your way. What is important is that you practice these three factors to gain self control. It is just a form of meditation and you will achieve anything which meditation promises to make you achieve.

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