How to Kiss a Royal Bengal Tiger and Play with Him!

How to Kiss a Royal Bengal Tiger and Play with Him

At first I thought the Bengal Tiger was going to maul her. I was proved wrong!

Janice Haley is an unusual person. She keeps Tigers as her pets and calls them family. Unusual as it seems they play with her and her family just like any normal pet would do. The journey of Janice with the tigers is really inspirational.She’s got a 600 pound and another 400 pound tiger to play with, cajole and love. It’s time we looked at tiger conservation from a different angle.

Credit: Barcroft TV

This wonderful story of Janice is to show how wonderful animals can be if we just love them.

The world is full of beautiful things and if we have to conserve it, we must care for it and we must provide adequate love to keep it beautiful. Beauty is free and to keep it that way we just need to shower love and warmth so that it keeps blooming.

Animals are part of this beautiful nature and even the most ferocious can be tamed if properly attended to. Do good unto them to receive the same in return. So, make them a part of your life, if you want them to make you a part of their life.

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