Learn How You Can Celebrate the Spirit of Kolkata!

Celebrate the Spirit of Kolkata

Spirit of Kolkata

There are times when some special moments cannot be missed. Here are some moments which people have created every year and they are so common that just by watching them we know that the spirit of Kolkata at the City of Joy, has been aroused and we are there. Here are some wonderful moments to cherish.

1. Who makes more money!
If a Chai wala makes more money than an Engineer, YOU ARE IN KOLKATA.

2. Kolkata and cleaning!
If you see KMC (Kolkata Municipal Corporation) cleaning up every morning and in the evening its all the same, YOU ARE IN KOLKATA.

3. A bonus is always welcome for Kolkatans
If high class people also don’t leave the panipuri stall without asking for Sukhapuri, YOU ARE IN KOLKATA.

4. Guess who can beat Google!
If the Rickshaw-wala’s and Panwala’s are more accurate than Google Maps,

5. The midnight saga
If BALWANT SINGH at GURUDWARA BHOWANIPUR explains his struggle at 2’o clock in the morning, YOU ARE IN KOLKATA.

6. Who can mind your car?
If Bike Riders shout at you for not locking your car doors properly, YOU ARE IN KOLKATA.

7. Girl’s safety clause!
If a girl can move around alone at late nights safely,
It’s..Because  YOU ARE IN KOLKATA.

8. Guess who catches your hand in times of need!
In a breathtaking crowd of locals, if an poor old lady always gets a Hand to cross the bridge, YOU ARE IN KOLKATA.

9. Who else could dance better?
If you find anyone dancing in front of an idol and the idol is Goddess Durga, then you know YOU ARE IN KOLKATA.

10. Kolkata and care go hand in hand!
Last one for the people outside KOLKATA, If you find anyone taking Care of you without any Reason, its not that they are idle, it’s Because, THEY ARE KOLKATANS.

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