Learn How to Survive the Onslaught of 14 Lions

Learn how to survive from this elephant. This elephant was attacked by 14 lions and guess what it did!

It is important to learn the art of survival. In life there could be many occasions when you are faced with situations where employing presence of mind is very important. The question is how to survive these situations? Along with presence of mind, is to incorporate the guts to overcome the issue at hand. Just as humans animals are also subject to similar situations. Can a young elephant survive if attacked by 14 lions at once?

It sure takes guts to survive an attack by 14 lions. Chased by 14 lions, this young elephant surely had its day. The lions were all over him and thought their meal of the day had been found. But the sheer presence of inner intelligence and insight for survival led the elephant to the nearby river and what he did then was amazing. It only teaches us that its easy to attack from behind but when you face someone from the front it scares the shit out. It is the fight for survival.

Credit: NYPost

In life there will be situations which will demand quick or slow action. It may be in the form of illness, financial need, threats or natural disaster. But we must understand that there surely is a solution for every situation at hand. We need to analyze and take action towards achieving the required goal.

Our destiny is defined, but we do not know about it. At best we can keep trying and putting our best efforts to either overcome unwanted situations or avoid having any such situation. Without trying we can never be sure whether a particular destiny is calling or not.

SO KEEP TRYING as that’s all we can do.


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