Life with Giant Stingray Fishes Can Be Really Dangerous

When I saw this, I thought the giant stingray fishes would electrify the fisherman!

Giant Stingray fishes are real strong. They live in deep seas as well as come near the coast line. They look very sleek with long slender tails and the best part is that they release an electric current when faced with danger unlike other fishes and this current is enough to paralyze a man. So it can be really dangerous to get close to one of them. But men are men and courage is enough of an incentive for it to move forward into unwanted territories.

Here’s a man who wants to catch the giant Stingrays with a fishing rod and gets to a point where he’s got to jump into the sea to over power the strength of these strange fishes. It requires real power to get them on board, but they are worth the try. This stingray swallows entire fish carcasses, sucks the meat off them and then spits them out. The estimated weight of the monster stingray could be over 200lbs. It’s the largest southern stingray that was ever seen caught. Both the Stingray fishes were later released. Enjoy the heart wrenching experience.

Credit: BlacktipH

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