Only the “Man of Steel” Could Have Such Steel Fingers?

This superhuman man of steel guy has fingers of steel and guess what he can do with it!

From time immemorial, people have been trying to achieve superhuman status. These people try to over achieve what normal people can only dream of doing. Marvel is famous for promoting and projecting humans who dare to do beyond. These are in the likes of Superman, Spider-man, Batman, Iron man, Thor and many more who are protectors of the earth due to their super human abilities and they provide us with enough inspiration to think and do the impossible.

But, when such super human acts are actually achieved in real terms, it feel awesome. Like Superman, here’s an amazing story of another man of steel whose has turned his fingers into something as hard as steel. Don’t think about coming near him!

This is the story of a man from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is Master Ho Eng Hui who can turn his finger into a deadly weapon. He tests his finger on coconuts which is now proving to be a life saver from bullets. Watch this superman break the coconuts with a massive over 200 pounds strike with a single finger. Would you like to do anything like this?

Credit: Atlas Spike

Well, Master Ho Eng Hui did this through a huge amount of practice, focus and dedication. In the process he also hurt himself various times. But at the end he showed what his steel fingers could achieve.

This feat by Master Ho Eng Hui also shows us that our bodies can be trained to change over time and there is nothing impossible that we can do with our bodies, if change our focus of thinking. Thinking big is good, but achieving it gives us a sense of fulfillment and this is something we should always bear in mind.

If you also this kind of super human trait, then see that it benefits human kind in whatever form, since that is the purpose of our birth on this planet.

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