Mom, Dad and Son’s Close Relationship

What would you do if you didn’t have a close relationship with your Mom and Dad?

This is what a close relationship is all about. Our parents sacrifice everything for us and yet we do not leave a chance to reject their opinions as we grow up. We make them feel dejected and rejected as if their opinions do not matter to us in any way.

Here’s a similar story which opens our eyes. A story about a son who left his Dad and Mom just to prove his adamant attitude that he knew what was right for him, while what his Mom and Dad said to him was improper and wrong. That’s what a lot of teenagers go through nowadays where they feel that they have much better options than a relationship with their parents. But the parents care and that is what matter to them. Watch this heart warming story of how and why the son gets back to his parents.
Try To Watch Without Crying. 90% People Cry!

Credit: shubham0706

Life goes a full circle. We as children get all the support, whenever, whatever and wherever we want. Then a stage comes in our lives when the outside world matters more and we start arguing with anyone who counters our thoughts at that time, specially our parents. We then move outside, face problems and remember our parents again. In times of adversity they are the only people who will stand by and provide support in whatever manner possible.

Let us listen to our parents, get their insights and move ahead using their experiences, yet use our intelligence in modifying them to our advantage. Let us give our parents our ears so that they do not feel dejected after caring for us for so long and helping us grow up. Let’s make them feel that there is still a close relationship between them and us, even if we have our own thoughts to live with when we grow up.

Therefore, let us love our parents.

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