Never Give Up Was What This Father Taught His Son

“Never Give Up” was what this father taught his son on the track field

This story of Derek Redmond is about not giving up. He was given the lesson to never give up in the most sensational way.

Derek was the most favored sprinter in the Barcelona Olympics 1992. He was into the race at 150 meter when he felt a searing pain in his leg. Derek fell to the ground with a torn hamstring. He had lost the race. But what happened next was heart breaking. He fell down in the Olympic race but guess who showed him the way! Can you guess who could come to show you the finish line if you fell down in an Olympic sprint race! Watch the lovely story of how a father helps his son at the time of need.

Credit: Connie Lynne

Derek’s father helped him finish the race and taught him to “never give up”. Since then this message has become a rage.

The Winning Formula – “Never Give Up“:

Have you heard about the spiders story wherein the spiders keeps building its web even after falling various times. The story of the spider taught a war torn king to never give up. The king was defeated, but when he learn’ t this message from a small spider to went back to the battle field and won the war. Just as the spider teaches us winning formula “never give up” to win any race, Derek’s father brought forward this message to the world in a very emotional manner. As a result the entire audience of 65000 people gave him a standing ovation.

So, if you lose any match in your life, just remember the secret formula to never give up and you will bounce back to win the match again. A winner is a person who keeps on trying without accepting defeat. Accepting defeat will only pull down your inner strengths, but, finally if you want to win, just keep trying and tie the knot on this magic word “never give up”.

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