The Intelligent Nigerian Mother and Her Daughter

Nigerian mother and her daughter

A Nigerian mother was lucky enough to see her 3 daughters get married the same year, so she called them after the wedding and told them “Don’t forget to text me your first night experience and text it in code”

So……. after a week, the 1st daughter texted “NESCAFE” and the next week the 2nd daughter text  “BENSON”

The mother being an intelligent woman went to get a Nescafe tin and read the label “fantastic till the last drop”, went to her husband’s pack of Benson cigarette and read “Extra long, king size”

She smiled and said “not bad for their ages”.

After the next week, the 3rd daughter text-ed “NAIROBI – MOMBASA”,

The mother then called Kenya airways help-desk to inquire about their Nairobi-Mombasa flight and they replied “it’s 3times daily, 7days a week, both ways and the flight duration is  75mins”.

And the Mother fainted.

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