Four Girls Perform Chair Trick Without Chairs!

Four Girls Perform Chair Trick Without Chairs

Four girls perform chair trick without chairs!

Sometimes, it becomes impossible to even figure out things, leave aside the thought of actually performing it. This requires ideas, vision and the guts to convert these thoughts into actual creations.

Imagine there were 4 of you and you were given 4 chairs to sit on. Then you were made to sleep on each others lap and the chairs were removed from under you. Do you think you will survive the debacle? These four girls did exactly the same thing. Four girl’s sit on a chair and perform chair trick with chairs. Then what happens was just superb! Watch these four girls perform the unthinkable. As much as we think it is easy, it becomes more difficult at every stage. This is the floating chair trick because every girls is literally floating on air after this.

Credit: brusspup

Thus, do work on identifying areas which can be converted into workable ideas and solutions. Take on the plunge to perform the impossible with a a lot of caution. Life is fun, but live with caution also. Every action must be a calculated risk or else there would be a risk of loss of life or impairment.

henceforth, do take care in every thing you do so that you can perform some of the best ones yourself.

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