Have you heard about the screaming Chef’s knife?

Just see what the screaming chef’s knife is going to do now!

This has got to be true. I always knew that living things had the sensations within them even after being dead. But dead meat! or for that matter plucked vegetables! Is it true they are actually speaking and screaming even after they are long dead?

Well, sometime back I had read an article on this and got to know that plants were actually responding to caterpillars eating their leaves. This is tried fact and believe it or not, they are living creatures just like us just that they do not have a mouth to speak.

Here’s our chef who’s wanting to show you how they can do. It’s really interesting to note that few things in this world ought not to be killed but we, humans are far more crude than anybody else. Just watch this to know how all of them respond when the screaming chef’s knife touches them and it will leave you astounded. Was it actually the screaming chef’s knife or the meat and vegetables actually screaming, I will leave you to guess.

Source : Good Mythical Morning

So the next time you are close to a plant, just try and think what could be their thought as well. They can grow tall and bushy if you care for them and die if you don’t. They have a heart of their own which we are not aware about. Let us make a planet which will have a lot of green trees who care for you and you for them. If you care for them will reciprocate accordingly.

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