The Sea Lion Smartness did not go in Vain

Guess what the Sea Lion smartness got, when it jumped into the boat!

You will not believe what Sea Lion smartness can be!

The fishing boat sped on its way being closely followed by a Sea Lion. As the Sea Lion approached, I felt as though the people in the fishing boat were getting ready to trap it. But when it did arrive near the boat, a great surprise awaited the Sea Lion. This story definitely turned my eyes on the ways we sometimes help animals and not just prey for them.

Credit: TomoNews US

This small story teaches us that care and compassion can bring us hoards of praise and blessings. Every creature on this planet deserves these. In the teachings of Jainism and Buddhism, it is very clearly stated not to harm anyone in anyway, whether physically or mentally.  Coupled with this, if we can take care of them in a compassionate manner it is diamonds over gold. The true value of such a person doing this cannot be judged.

By doing this, we not only help others, but we get an inner sense of profound peace which no one else can experience. There’s a sense of fulfillment within us. Every time carry forward this duty of our’s, it relieves tremendous amounts of stress levels within us.

So, it’s time we jumped on the bandwagon of peace and harmony and just like these people on the boat, we too start helping our fellow human beings as well as animals. Let everyone feel secure in your hands i.e. when they are with you. Thus, let your security be in their hands automatically.

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