Bet You Have Not Seen Different Watermelon Shapes

Different Watermelon Shapes

We have all tried eating a water melon once in a while. Lovely red in color with small specks of black seed all over and cut in triangular shapes with green color skin on the outside, they are a delight to anyone’s eyes. But most of the times we have eaten this sweet fruit cut out from round or oval shapes, as these are what is available in the regular markets.

I never knew there could be different watermelons shapes. We checked out and found to our delight that this wonderful fruit is being developed into different shapes and used for gifting purposes too. Being used on different occasions, this gift is unique in itself. Probably you would just like to try one yourself.

Square Shaped Watermelons

These different shaped fruits are developed specifically and they are not just for fun, but for commercial reasons as well. The square ones are not only developed for eating they are great for transportation as well and hugely cut down on logistic costs of transferring this delicious fruit to different places.

Credit: alexpitch

After square shaped watermelons, here is heart shaped one

As a result of their practice of zen, the relentless Japanese have yet again produced a new variety which augurs love among people. They have now developed a heart shaped watermelon in their nursery to complement the love between people. These shapes of watermelons could enthrall anybody. Have a look at them. These are not very good at eating, but they qualify very well in getting the love of your life.

Credit: GeoBeats News

These are ingenious ways of playing around with large and heavy fruits like this. You might just think about some new idea of making this fruit look much more wonderful because this fruit is versatile in nature and you can mold it different ways.

Finally, these watermelon shapes can really bring in excitement in your parties and almost everyone can be awed by it. Thus, pick up any of these watermelon shapes and use it for different purposes.

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