Seven Thanksgiving Trivia Questions You Didn’t Know About!

Fill in some Blank Givings this Thanksgiving! Hey, this is Thanksgiving trivia time.

We all know Thanksgiving is a huge event in the United States and associated with that is the ritual of thanking everybody, organizing feats and eating turkeys, organizing family get together, shopping and big shops such as Macy’s and Walmart’s organizing huge shopping bonanzas while preparing for Black Friday and a whole lot of stuff which triggers happiness among the community.

While Halloween sets the mood of the event season, Thanksgiving gives the real head start to the coming winter and Christmas season.

While we all know about the reason of this lovely event, let’s test how much we know about Thanksgiving. We call this small 7 pointer quiz -the Blank Givings, as all the blanks below need to be given into, to know how much you are aware about this event.

Try answering these 7 intriguing questions. You will be surprised at how little you knew.

Famous Christmas Song

1. The famous Christmas song ______________________was originally composed for children celebrating Thanksgiving.

Black Friday!

2. Black Fridays is the busiest shopping days of the year, but it’s also the day after massive amounts of turkey are consumed, which makes it the busiest day of the year for____________.

Male Turkeys

3. Most male turkeys raised to be eaten are so fat that they can’t ______________naturally. (reproduce)

Frozen Turkeys

4. ____________were invented when a company didn’t know what to do with 260 tons of leftover frozen turkeys.

George H.W.Bush

5. George H.W.Bush was the first president to institute an annual turkey ________________.

Native Americans

6. Native American used ___________ to treat ___________wounds.

Gobble, Gobble

7. Only male turkeys ____________, and therefore are called ______________.

If you are still not sure you have hit the bulls eye, just watch this small video to get the answers.

Source : Good Mythical Morning

Create a Thanksgiving Trivia Game!

Just hope you are not disappointed. Try to find a few more such questions and create a game of such a sort so that you can enjoy a new game with your friends this Thanksgiving Day.

Therefore, why wait. Just pounce upon any material that you can lay your hands on and get on with it.

Finally, wish you a all a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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