Start a Fire With Your Chewing Gum Wrapper!

This is what a Chewing Gum Wrapper can do!

Did you ever think your chewing gum wrapper could help you start a fire without match sticks?

Imagine it’s a cold night, you and your friends are in a desolate place without a lighter or match sticks and therefore unable to light up a small fire to keep you comfortable. You got a torch which shows you the path, but that too cannot provide you the heat to protect you from the cold. At that moment the only thing that you have is the Wrigley’s chewing gum and you come up with a brilliant idea to light up a fire. Watch the interesting yet unthinkable idea which could save your cold night. What a great way to start a fire with a chewing gum wrapper.

Credit: Grant Thompson

In life, there are various moments when you face a tough situation and struggle to get out of it. It is then that we start brainstorming and these are the moments when you get some of the finest and simplest ideas in life. This technique is just one of them. Since most of us like chewing gums, we can save the wrappers to light a fire when most required.

Keep on thinking out of the box ideas to simplify your life. You will always enjoy the surprises that life can throw at you.

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