Synchronization and Balance Without Touching

Synchronization and balance without touching

Synchronization and balance at it’s best levels!

Sometimes we just think and sometimes people achieve what we cannot even think. Some people achieve mastery over mind and matter and then what they achieve is pure balance.

This show will make you think how someone can do such an act with such precision. There’s a team and it seems each one is better than the other. There are young boys just jumping without using hands, but jumping and landing on the palms and feet of different boys. This is an act of true synchronization and balance which is a must see to believe. This incredible act of finesse will surprise you at every moment with something you have not seen before.

Credit: saima122

In life, we must all look at balancing our thoughts to achieve what we call a perfect balance between the mind, body and soul. It important that at every level, we grasp what the next level is and how to reach that point. Once that is known, we can simply glide through and land at the required position.

So the next time you have to do anything, whether to speak or hear or do any work, balance its pros and cons first. Then think about how to do it, plan a clear path towards it and only then work towards achieving it. You will surely be able to land where you are required to.

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