Thailand’s Live Crocodile Show – Can You Do It?

Can you think about putting your hands and face in a crocodile’s mouth? Watch this on Thailand’s live Crocodile Show!

I would love to do what this guy does, but can’t gather my guts!

The Thai people are very courageous people. They love taking risks and perform for the world. They are daring entertainers. I have seen them in kick boxing, cycling, snake taming, tiger taming and a host of other dangerous ventures where we would not dare to even think about and they do it on a daily basis without any wrinkles or sweat on the forehead. They do it for their bread and butter and they do it by entertaining a host of tourists day in and day out.

Here’s a lovely show of risk and courage showcasing the Thai putting his hands and face inside the neck of the crocodile. If that was not enough, he even puts in his entire head inside the crocodile’s mouth. Now that requires immense amount of  self control, as the crocodile can snap at any time and one snap would be enough for any skull to be crushed.

Watch this wonderful show of courage and patience as you would have never witnessed such a show before.

Credit: MrFinlandsuomi

Self Control in Life!

In life, self control and focus is of very high importance. On live Crocodile show like this one, one small mistake and you could be meat for the crocodile. So, in life too, self control and focus can only make one achieve success and make you prepared for different degrees of risk. These traits are not self born. They need to be acquired with immense amount of training. But once you have it, the world is yours. In whatever you do, practice self control and unflinching focus on a topic will lead you to it.

Note: These stunts are done by professional people who train the crocodiles and in the process train themselves. Thus, these stunts should not be tried without proper guidance.

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