This Tight Rope Walking Technique Will Amaze You

You would have seen a lot of tight rope walking technique, but nothing like this!

When I was a child I have seen some types of tight rope walking technique down the streets. A girl in rough clothes used to climb on the rope what from one side to the other, take a bicycle rim and make it roll on the rope after standing on it. That’s about all that was performed but yet cheered by everybody out there. Small groups gathering, making a circle around the activity and watching in amazement. I used to love it too when I saw through the window panes of my house.

But I have never experienced true gymnastic style of performance on the tight rope which would let me say Wow! what a performance! Here at Ukraine’s Got Talent, a girl does all that I have never imagined on a tight rope and sure enough what an enthralling act.

If you still have some time left, go through this lovely technique of jumping right through the window.


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