Top Reasons For Break Up In Relations

The world has a lot of heart breaks every now and then and reasons can be more than just weird. A guy has a lot of reasons for breaking up from his girlfriend and the reverse is also true. In a world, torn between so many strife’s, do we still need an internal breakup? It’s time we started thinking.

Our relationship is a special one and we do not need stupid reasons to break it up. Well couples can be incompatible but does any compatibility require a reasoning test?

Here are few of the top reasons for a relationship break-ups.

  • Bad behaviors – When either the husband or the wife shows a bad behavior towards the other, a rift is formed between the two and if not addressed at the right moment can lead to bitter relationships.
  • Cheating – When either of the two partners cheat on the other and any one finds out about the two, it can usually lead to breakups.
  • Misdirected anger – Suppose your anger is on someone else, but in a fit you tend to show your anger on your partner, you can be sure there would be a reaction to which could only turn the event into a break, if not quickly rectified.
  • Being unsupportive – When either of the two are looking at support from the other in any event of their life, but do not get it, you can sure that a break up is around the corner.
  • Addiction – Addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, sex are factors which can create a toxic atmosphere at home and thereby lead to break ups in relationships very fast.
  • Withholding affection and attention –
  • Lying. …
  • Stealing.
  • Giving up
  • Not Communicating

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