Paint on Water, An Unbelievable Art to Show Off!

Can you believe someone can paint on water?

Art is always so special and to paint on water is much more special. When we spill a drop of oil on water and observe it closely, we find formations of rainbow colors in water. Well, that just the beginning of painting on water and it has been done unknowingly by some many of us at various instances.

But to take some nice colors and actually draw on water is an art in itself, as water is not a hard board or a wall where you get a hard surface to draw anything you think about. Just like the drop of oil, you too can put in drops of colors and create unimaginable designs. Every drop that you put in water helps in creating a new out of the world design.

And, can you guess the best part? You can transfer the paint on water to a paper directly from the water on which you painted. Thus making your creation on water permanent and yet unique in nature.

This painting on water is so special

Watch this man literally draw on water. This person can create wonderful floral art on water and transfer the entire art from water to paper. His technique is really unique. Watch each droplet of paint fall into water and get transformed into something really amazing. His hands work magic on water.

Credit: Super Fun Videos

Like the person you just saw, you too can create new art designs even without knowing anything about art. What you do require is the acumen for creating a dream design and the idea to translate it into a beautiful drawing.

So without wasting much time, get your paint tubes, a tub of water together and get set, go to create a wonderful design yourself. Let everyone shower their praises on your unique style of painting.

While you paint and set your dreams into actions, let me get set to show you something more.

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